About me

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Natalia, nice to meet you! I am really happy that you are here, and hope you will feel like home, I am sure you will find something for yourself.

I am based in London, passionate about handmade, films and good books mum of two children. When I am not working, I am enjoying long walks with my kids, good film, big puzzles and one tasty dish:)

How it all started?

All my life I liked to create things, I found decoupage at 2012, since then I have learned and developed a lot and got to know what I like the most and find my style. I am still looking and exploring new techniques and really love that journey!

About 3 years ago, I decided that my hobby will be my business and since than together with my clients I have made a lot of people happy. Thanks to those lovely people, I constantly develop my portfolio, have a bunch of best selling products and still finding new inspirations when working together!

What can you find here?

Personalized and individually design gifts for every occasion. If you can not find something, simply write to me and together we can come up with an idea for what you need or what you looking for, sometimes it's just in your head, you just do not realize it. In my shop, you can find those best selling products, but I work on every pine wood one and as long as we can create something on the computer we can do it! so be my guest!

What is my goal?

My purpose is to deliver the unique, handmade product just for you and for those you love. Nowadays people have everything, so my focus is on those gifts where you actually have to spend some time, thinking, what will surprise your friend or family member. Once you have an idea, and the product is done, the moment of surprise for the person who gets it its priceless and its the purpose of why I started in the first place. Love these emotions!